Monday, December 21, 2009


We were able to visit the zoo yesterday for a bit. We then walked
around the island and saw more wedding and model photo shoots. Our
friend, Michelle, took us shopping at the pearl and jade market, then
to dinner at her apartment. The photo of food being cooked - it
looks like english muffins with eggs in the background? That is a
hamburger! It is an egg cooked inside a flour muffin - pretty good
to eat - like an egg mcmuffin, but kind of greasy! The guy holding
the metal door - that is someone closing up their shop for the day.
A metal "garage door comes down, then metal folding grating with a
door in it goes on - all locked up for the night!

The photo with the group of us at night is the front door of
Michelle, Tam and baby Howie, then the photos of the food are in
their apartment.

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Lori said...

Love the pics!! I totally cracked up at the store signs!