Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lovely thing, internet. Not so lovely when you are on satellite with bandwidth that can be exceeded. And you exceed it. Stupid rules. As I understand it, we are allowed x bandwidth in a rotating 30 day period. If our usage exceeds that x amount, we have to wait until the days roll by to go under that x amount. Then after it drops down, you still have to wait 48 hours before you are welcomed back. Stupid rules. So, if you have cable connection - be grateful and appreciate your good fortune. I don't think that cable will EVER be available to us who live in hicksville!

In reality, not much happened around here in those two weeks anyway! Nearly every day was cold and rainy.

The girls were pretending that the fence was a train on one of the VERY few days we saw that strange yellow orb in the sky.
We have a blockage in the dog kennel sewer line. Hubalink and I geared up to unblock it, only to find that the line has probably two 45 degree angles in it and the snake wouldn't touch the clog from either direction. I am tempted to use that high pressure water bladder doo-hicky, but in visualizing the process, all I can see is it coming unclogged and dog-doo flying everywhere. Not a pretty sight.

Another brief sunny moment.
MissE had her first solo drive to school (yup - she is now the proud owner of a driver's license!).
Yup - that's my girl! Chicka LOVES to come up with crazy outfits and DANCE!
An intense game of chess, complete with paper knighting.
Can life get any better than whipped cream?
MissE graduates in a few weeks with not only her high school diploma, but her AA as well! We are blessed to call her daughter. Way to go, sweetness!
Another one of IBoy's ice experiments.
Ah, yes - perhaps licking the beater could be better than whipped cream! Especially one of IBoy's creations!
I had been working so hard to clear out this portion of the creek alongside our house. Just a few weeks ago, all the vegetation to either side was cleared out! I feel like we are living in a rain forest environment!
Grandma had her big party! Many former students and friends showed up whom she hadn't seen in ages!
Hubbie's two elder sisters getting adjusted. I think it is sweet that they address each other "sister of mine"!
Two more "adjusters". Somehow these two are pretty darned special, too!
The queen of the party (not the greatest snap of her, sorry!) a-smoochin' on her favorite grandson!
Mr.T and MissE are cousins, only two days difference in age! He is always laughing at something and has a great sense of humor!

So there you have it. A whole lot of nuthin'!

God bless.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated Mother's Day Sharing

Yup - busy again. I have really enjoyed reading all of my bloggy friends' posts about their wonderful Mother's Day festivities, and I hadn't had the opportunity to share mine!

For years, every Mother's Day, my favorite activity has always been for the family to go fishing or hiking. Sometimes we do both. This year turned out nearly as fun - not quite, only because a few of the munchkins were busy elsewhere :-(

We rented a heavy duty log splitter and spent the day splitting wood! I know that sounds like not so much fun to most sane moms, but I really enjoyed it! Out in the sunshine and fresh air (well, ignore the exhaust fumes from the gas engine of the log splitter AND the deafening roar of same engine), kiddos playing (or working!) around me, hubster and I (and IBoy, bless his muscles!) sweatin' away. It was fun! Even better, I know how much I am going to enjoy burning that same wood this winter when the wind is howling and the snow is falling.

MissE stayed home, ahem, to do schoolwork, ahem. When we drug our tired puppies in the door late that night, she greeted me with a million dollar smile. She had cleaned the entire stinkin' house for me! Everything was tidy and sparkling! ahem.
She scavenged the property for some colorful posies.
Bob, the Evil Tomato makes an ugly appearance again this year.
I even found a gorgeous origami rose waiting for me!
This card, however, stole my heart. It is from, as you can plainly see from the signatures, Zabi and Chicka! They could hardly wait to have me open their gift. Oh yes, they couldn't wait for me to open it - they told me what it was as they handed it to me - wrapped, of course! In case you can't read what the card says - All things grow with tender loving care. Thanks for helping me to grow!
IBoy captured this gorgeous sunset recently, just had to share!

Table Transformation

OK. We have this once beautiful (no doubt!) dining room table and chairs that we inherited after the fire. Unfortunately, it needed some extra love. So, faced with either replacing the beast or having fun with it, I chose the latter.
I am really liking this stuff tooooo much!
The perfect touch.
I guess you can't really see the full effect . . . .

. . . . . but the kiddos are sure thinking of some fun things to do with this!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sssshhhhhhh - don't tell - I'm turning 100 years old next week!

Really, truly! Hubby's Grandma was born 100 years ago, next week! Not too many of us will live to see all the amazing changes that happen around us in 100 years. Grandma recently moved in with mom, but up until then, she lived completely on her own!

Yes, she does love to flirt with and smooch on the good lookin' guys. IBoy looks like he doesn't mind it too much!

We are having a humdinger of a party for her coming up and I hear that the local newspaper is interviewing her tomorrow!

Results of the Optical Exam

OK. I am officially envious. Here in the Pacific NW it is still winter! You guys with posts of everyone playing in the water and all the flowers blooming - cut it out, ok? I am NOT a summer person, but this year, well, I am looking forward to it! Come on, sun!

A gift from J - a braille book that they can read together!

AND, two miniature Dessies!!!!!! Their harness even comes off for when they are not working!

And here is the result of our most recent eye exam - 2 hour a day patch for Chicka and new glasses, AND Zabi now is in glasses! She loved "writing" before glasses, but now that she can see well enough, she is copying letters! She wrote her name for the first time last night!!!!! Now let us hope that her audiology exam in a few days has as spectacular results as getting glasses.