Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Milk Magic Straws

OK guys - this has GOT to be the COOLEST product since sliced bread!!!!!

  • All Natural: No Artificial Flavors, Preservatives or Colors
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • Low Sugar Content
  • 100% Lactose Free
  • Zero Fat; Zero Cholesterol

Really - look it up and order some - they are YUMMY!

I am trying to see if we can do a fundraiser at Friday School with these - I'll let you know!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will it work????

Well, I did it.  The blog is now private.  I guess this is a test to see if it will work this way now - please leave a comment if your invitation worked and you can see this!  I know some of my friends had commented that they wanted to be a part of this, but didn't leave an email - and that is the only way I had to invite them.  SO, if someone was left out - many apologies - I did what I could!  Let me know if you know of someone who was left out by accident, please!

Nothing exciting to report - which in our case, is usually good!

We had to all change into our jammies to take our Christmas Eve photo op!

Of course, Dad needed a little help opening one of his Christmas gifts.

Nero ended up not being upright for most of the day, but he sure had fun!

Once Chicka decided to actually try the sled out, she had a blast.

IBoy surprised even himself, I think, that he was able to do some pretty awesome moves on his snowboard.  He really wants to go to snowboard camp coming up next month in a really big way now!

Miss Daredevil Zabi couldn't go fast enough!

And then we come to the true wild one.  As you can see, MissE approached that huge jump of maybe 1 foot with anticipation and aggression. Uh, NOT!  She actually landed it.  For a second!

Our friend Michelle, who lives in China, sent two adorable jackets for the girls.

MissE assembled a "doctor kit" for Zabi's Christmas gift.  It has been a huge hit with Zabi, but the rest of us are not so enthusiastic more recently. there is only so much blood in each of us to be drawn.  Fortunately, Joanie was a good sport and let the girls doctor her for awhile.  I do notice a bit of a forced smile below, though!  Grin and bear it?????