Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Bicycle Built for Two

The pianista, who sometimes insists that she needs to wear glasses.  Not!

Learning how when the sun shines on America, China can't see the sun and when China sees the sun, America is sleeping.

The big day came at last - JiJi's bike arrived!

Go to this site - - if you want to see an amazing father/son and their vision.  They worked with us to find funding for JiJi's bike - I wish I would have been ready with the camera - her face was priceless when she got on that bike for the first time!

Thanks to Scott and Janice with  They had the bike shipped to them, assembled it and then they delivered to us!  THANKS, Scott and Janice!

I just had to share - my first home-grown dahlia!  Isn't she a beauty?

JiJi hard at work on her Mountbatten brailler.  She loves for me to dictate stories to her while she writes, then she reads them back to anyone who will listen.

What?  You don't know what this is?  We took a train ride this week from Vancouver, WA to Seattle, WA.  The yellow stripe represents the train track.  The red triangle at the bottom is Vancouver, the blue crystal is the train and each of the pink dots represent a stop that the train makes.  The white circle at the top is Seattle.  JiJi loved getting out her map as each stop was broadcast to see what point we were at and how many more stops we had to go. is the blog of the first guide dog allowed in China.  We had the privilege of meeting Candie and her owner, Lian, and visiting with them while we were in Seattle.

Moustaches, Weddings & Donuts

Stow-Away got married last month and most of the family was involved in one way or another.  MissE was the maid of honor, and JiJi, Chicka and Zabi were flower girls.

IBoy rounded out the participation by catching the garter belt!

Zabi, modeling her oh-so-pinkaliscious moustache.  Just what every young girl strives for.

The three princesses with their pumpkins.

What would the day be without the eating the donut with no hands game?

IBoy's contribution.