Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Pretty Purple Princesses

MissE here - mum had to rush out the door before the pictures finished loading, so you'll have to deal with me for the day!

The littles and parents went ice skating yesterday, and ended up meeting up with some friends.  As you can see, they turned out to be the five purple princesses together!

Nothing much else to report - quiet for once, goats out for the fourth time today (that's my limit, I stop putting them back in after that until sundown), little dogs on the couch for the tenth time today (also my limit, I stop shooing them off after that until they are put in the kennel for the night), fire still going (miraculously, as fire seems to hate me as much as plants and will die merely by being in my presence), and snowing like there's no tomorrow!

...In other words, a normal day back on the ranch.  I would take a picture for you all of the snow, but mom brought the camera with her today - sorry!  ....Hmm, I just hope that all the snow clothes mom brought in case they needed to walk part of the way home aren't needed.

God bless, and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Merry Maids on Wheels

Not the best quality photos - but yes, they have been wearing those noisy skates all day every day for the past few days.  Everything they do is done on skates.  Even their chores!  We didn't capture JiJi's vacuuming skills, but she does hers on wheels, too!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Individual Servings of Lasagne

We decided to make regular lasagne, but roll each noodle separately. Easy, fun and far less messy to serve!  In addition, I was able to freeze some as single serve pieces for the Fire Station Volunteers. Just before we popped it into the oven, but I forgot to take a bubbly, juicy photo after it baked!

We had some left-over noodles that couldn't be wasted, so we threw some ingredients together - cottage cheese, apples, walnuts, egg, nuts, sugar and spices and made a dessert lasagne.  Amazingly, it was really good!

Roller derby queens - NOT!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Hands

Yes, the infectious giggler LOVES to be busy!
She has mastered the cookie production.  Joanie - watch out!

She was more than delighted to have one of her papers featured on the Wall of Fame along with her sisters.

The pride of decorating her cane for Valentine's Day shines through clearly!  Warning - she loves to show it off to anyone gullible enough to show the slightest interest.  Now that she has gotten the decorating spirit, I guess we've got to gather supplies to decorate for Mardi Gras next week!

Truly, I still can't believe that I first beheld this little darlin' just two months ago.  Two short months, and what a total transformation she has gone through.


Oh, yes - that is a full fledged spike on that deliciousnous of a a daughter!  She loved it!  Thanks, JieJie!

You want to know what else?  That scrumptiousnous, who has only heard English for less than two months, is beginning to speak in complete sentences.  Complete English sentences!

Feb 14, 2012

Go in the car.
Holy Spirit
I want some more.
Did Daddy go to work?
Open the door.
Close the door.
Time to eat.
get jammies on
I want to go in the car.
I want to get my shoes.
I want some chicken.
I want pizza.
Daddy go to sleep.
Take a shower.
I want toast.
Look, Mama!

  We continue to be amazed at how this lamb of God has bloomed before our eyes.  Only because of Him and His amazing plan do we have this awesome privilege of ALL of our children.  I pray daily that I might be a worthy vessel of Him, caring for His most beloved creations.

I know MissE looks disgusted, but truly, she wasn't.  This is the first time the cousins have seen each other in a couple of years.  And what was the occasion, you might wonder?

Sure enough - a birthday!  EIGHTEEN?  HOW is that remotely possible that our baby son is THAT old?????

Doing one of his favorite activities - having a group of friends over and playing airsoft in the back forty.  How could life be any better than that, now tell me!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Beautiful Winter Day

Yup - the boy has new wheels.  Not that he is excited about it.  At all.  Grandpa, Papa and IBoy have put in countless hours and miles searching for THE car and they finally found  it.  He has had it 3 days.  It has been washed 3 times.  Not that he is excited about it.  At all.

The weather outside today was nearly 60 degrees!  In February!  We took advantage of it and played outside all afternoon.  JiJi learned to ride her scooter.  Miss Daredevil, Zabi, took on another hill on her bike.  Fortunately it didn't end in a crash this time!

The girls made all sorts of plans for their tree - they figured it probably wasn't quite big enough to sleep in tonight, as "bears CAN climb trees, remember, mom?"

The good neighbor rule - it is ok to squirt with a hose, as long as you are prepared with an umbrella!