Saturday, December 12, 2009


Ni hao, friends!  Yes, we finally find ourselves in beautiful China!

We arrived late Thursday evening into Guangzhou.  Our friends, Tam, Michelle and their son, HaoYin, our godson, and Michelle's sister, Raychel greeted us at the airport.  We loaded our bags onto a bus, then to a taxi, and then a short walk and we arrived "home" at their apartment.  After a quick sleep, we headed out 3 hours from the city to Tam's parents home in the village.

For some reason, I can't type the text to go with the pictures, so I'll just have to make a general statement about the attached photos and we'll do our best!

Yes, life in rural China today is pretty rugged.  They have electricity and running water - just not the way we know it.  The people that we met were all very friendly and excited (and a little surprised!) to see Westerners - not a common sight around here.

We spent one night in the village and then returned to the city the following day.  In one day, we were on a motorcyle (yes, it is common for 3-5+ people to ride on one bike!), a bus, a subway, a taxi and an airplane.

After a late evening flight, we arrived in Nanchang and checked into our hotel.  A hotel room with a child's bed, just waiting for our Zabi-Chu to sleep in!

I can't find (or forgot to pack!) the cord that connects the computer to the internet connection in the wall (my, aren't we articulate?), so this morning (yes, it is about 6 AM and I am up!) we have to find a way to purchase one of those cords or go to a business center at the hotel to send this post out.

One more day, ONE MORE DAY, until we meet our sweet daughter!

Zai jian!


Anonymous said...

You and Iboy are in our prayers... God planned tomorrow, the day you meet ZabiChu, long ago and is walking with each of you every step of the way. Thanks for blessing us with your story, your journey, and your friendship!! love, Sarah H.

Lori said...

Wow, I'm super excited for you guys! It sounds like you are having true China experience! Love it.

Great pics! Tell Michelle hello for me, OK?!!

Jean said...

I am so excited for you!! I can't believe you are in China and getting ready to meet your daughter!!