Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Oh, my stars - what a sweetie girl we have! I am absolutely in awe
of how amazingly well our Zabi is adjusting to us. She was
delightful today - ate a good breakfast, off to visit a museum full
of porcelin, pottery, rocks - BORING stuff for a little girl - not
one peep of complaint. She tells me when she has to potty or when
she is hungry. She and her big brother have a blast wrestling each

We experienced something today that I have read about, but wasn't
prepared for, and it was huge. Through our wonderful blog/chat list/
internet world, we were able to meet up with another adoptive family
for dinner and visiting tonight, along with an awesome woman from
Beijing, Angela, with whom we stayed the last time we were in China.
Long story short, we took a taxi to their hotel, greeted them and
visited in the hallway, and started to go into their room. All of a
sudden, we had a terrified Zabi - screaming and clutching at me! In
her little mind, she saw us bringing her to strangers and figured we
were about to abandon her - just as she had opened her heart and
began to trust us! My heart nearly shattered with my daughter's raw
grief. I scooped her into my arms and held her tightly to me and
left the room. We walked the hallway for a bit until she calmed down
again. Looking at the big picture, we experienced a pivotal moment,
but man, was it hard. For the rest of the evening, she made sure
that she was close to or touching IBoy or momma, and we had a great

The photo of the two girls - the other sweetie is one of the two
children the other family (their momma's initials are MK - I don't
know if they use their real names on-line or not!) is adopting - she
is a very outgoing, gorgeous 10 year old - they are standing in front
of a candied fruit stand. A hard sugar coating on strawberries,
apples, pineapple - YUMMY!!!!! Each stick was well under $1!


Lori said...

That is so great!! Attachment has already begun. Yippee Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing those good attachment stories... and that you know what you're looking at when it happens. Hard at the time, but SO good that she sees YOU as mama! Answer to prayer!! Love the pics- fun to see her all bundled up. Glad you're having a special time bonding. love, Sarah

Gavin's Family said...

Donna that's wonderful that you met up with Mary and her family.
Each of these stories is amazing on how these kids are joining their families, Mary's story just flat blows me away!