Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two, Two, Two Exciting Things in One Day!

What a day! Not only did we celebrate Zabi's birthday today, but MissE received some exciting news in the mail! Really exciting news!

Yup - that is her letter of acceptance to the one and only university that she wanted to attend next fall. Congratulations, sweetie! Not sure that IBoy is as thrilled as she is!

We started out when Grandma and Grandpa arrived with Zabi's birthday dress that Grandma made.
Thank you, Grandma!

Then we had to put the finishing writing on the birthday cake (that Grandma also made!). Ooops - it doesn't go in the mouth????

IBoy made his special lime pineapple for us - SO good! If anyone can figure out what the saying on his shirt means - be sure to let us know. "Stop the Trees"?????

Are you kidding me? What is with the little finger poised in the air? Get REAL!

The birthday girl's guests played Pin the Heart on Zabi.

They played Ring Around the Rosy.

They tried to play London Bridge is Falling Down! I don't think they ever really got the hang of it, but they sure had fun!

A quiet moment between two sisters.

And then on to PRESENTS!!!!
YES - a car!

Gotta have her babies and pandas.

Getting ready for the cake.

Trying out their new glasses. Glasses with glasses.

She loves her cars! Sittin' like a lady, too!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Tasty Dish to Set before the Queen!

A busy week. A really busy week. A really, really busy week! Thankfully it is FRIDAY!!!!!

Speaking of thanks - a special family who adopted their daughter from China at the same time that Chicka became part of our family, just received their TA (travel approval) today to come to meet their new son in China! We are SO excited to follow their special journey and to see their newest child in their arms!
Dad and his helpers moving the chicken tractor on the tractor.
The hens have been moved to the other side of the house and they now have a little bigger grazing area for a treat. Both pens can be moved easily to fresh new ground. The tire was just a temporary hold until the latches were put on the sides.
The Chicklettes 3 with cheeeeeeeze grins.
This is the tasty dish that was set before THIS queen today! MissE was kind enough to make us all a bite to eat while I was vacuuming the house! And NO, it isn't burned - it has just the right amount of flavoring!
No, I haven't dramatically changed my decorating style. I found this beauty at the antique shop for $5. Since when has something that was popular in the 1970's become an antique, I ask you? I put the tea kettle in there so you could see how nice and big this piece of lovely wood is. I hadn't had a chance to explain to anyone what I had in mind for this particular piece of art. Hubby was SO kind. He admitted to me later that he looked at it, puzzled over it's ugliness, and put it back. Several times. He promised himself that no matter where I chose to hang the monstrosity, he was NOT going to question my sanity, or complain about the hideousnous of it. Gotta love him! I about busted my gut laughing when he shared his secret with me! NO - I am NOT hanging it as is in my house. Not even in my garage!
And here it is in use! I think I already need to clean it better - the littles had fun drawing on it before I had a chance to hang it!
At first I had planned on painting the outside edges of it, but once the chalkboard paint was in place, I loved the contrast of the colors! Makes it a little more "rustic" looking too, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

Never Know What is Going to Happen Around Here!

Too true. Our life is a life full of surprises around every corner. Personally, I kind of like it that way - keeps me on my toes!

Ever since Zabi came home in December, and we discovered that she was DEATHLY afraid of dogs, life has been a balancing act. We have 4 dogs! She fairly quickly adapted and learned to really enjoy the 2 small house dogs, the 2 larger outdoor dogs would set her little body trembling like a bowl full of jello. She even had a potty accident when one of them got close to her. We kept trying to introduce her slowly, showing her how the dogs wouldn't hurt her - you know the drill.

Our good friend, J, who loves to come visit us for extended periods of time, happens to be blind. With a Guide Dog - a large lab. As much as we wanted our friend, J, to come visit us, we just couldn't see a large dog in the house with Zabi. Visits were postponed, J tried to arrange for someone to take her dog while she came to visit us, and the months passed with no visits.

Last week we decided that enough was enough and Miss Zabi would just have to learn to live with a large dog in the house. Wouldn't you know it. Zabi was instantly in love with Desi, the Guide Dog. Zabi loved her SO much, that we had to start limiting her time with the dog! She would pet her. Kiss her. Lay on her. Walk with her. Rub her. You name it. She would even sneak under the chairs to get to her! Go figure!

Since Zabi's 5th birthday is coming up shortly, J went on-line as soon as she returned home from her visit with us, and ordered a stuffed golden lab in guide harness toy for each of the girls. AND, a book that has both braille and typed words, so J can sit and read the girls a story the next time she comes for a visit!
Another forced smile shot - the girls decided that Desi needed to dress up like they enjoy doing. Kind looks like Desi is embarrassed and would rather be anywhere else at that moment!
Safe next to mom for a minute!
Working hard at school.
Look mom - I'm smiling!
On the way to homeschool co-op last Friday, we noticed a yearling deer laying just inside a neighbor's cow pasture at the edge of the road. Upon further investigation, she was injured to the point that she couldn't stand. Of course the neighbor, an old time rancher, pulled out the shotgun to take care of her. IBoy felt that we needed to do what we could to save her. We loaded her into the back of Mo (our trusty Suburban) and headed to town. We stopped at the Humane Society, who referred us on to a vet clinic that was part rehab for wildlife. After school, we stopped at the clinic to check on the deer, only to find that they had to put her down after all - her injuries were too severe for her to have a good chance at recovery :-( The other bad news was that during our trip to town, the yearling felt an urge to strong to resist. She left us a urine soaked carpet in the cargo area. Any ideas to remove the lingering, uh, ODOR???????

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meet Moira

Quirky? Weird? Sick? Scary? Funny? All of the above? What would you call it when you have a mannequin as a room mate?

For a very long time, I thought it would be a blast to have a mannequin. Kind of like playing dolls when you were a little girl - dress it up in different clothes, move it around the house in different positions, take it with you when you leave the house? My drawback is that they are expensive! SO, when a complete stranger posted a "wanted - mannequin" request on freecycle, I replied that although I didn't have a mannequin to give, I was also interested in obtaining one.
"T" posing incognito.

"T" and I struck up an email conversation over a period of a few weeks, coming up with funny situations the mannequins could find themselves in, or how we would dress a mannequin. Yesterday, "T" contacted me and said that she had a mannequin for ME!!!!!!!

"T" was so excited, that she had to drive all the way up to our house (nearly a 2 hour round trip for her!) to deliver Moira and help put her together! Although we had never met in person until yesterday, it was as though we had been friends for years! She ended up staying and playing a couple of wild games of Crazy 8's with us while we chatted and snacked on some dessert.
MissE and I assembling Moira.
Thanks, MissE for covering her up!
My friend, Joanie attaching Moira's hands to her arms.
Getting Moira's scarf just right - I have to find her some hair!
Saying good bye to "T".

Oh, my stars - we are going to have SO much fun with our "dolls"! Her mannequin has been named Alex and mine is Moira. Who knows where or when they might appear! Yes, we have plans.

THANK YOU "T"!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil and Easter

Not bad for a first time egg dyer, heh?
All business!

During Mass.
Zabi being Baptized.
Chicka being Baptized. IBoy was holding her, as he and MissE are both girls' godparents. Very LOUDLY, Chicka yelled out "I want my momma hode me!!!!"

IBoy being Confirmed.
After the Baptism, the girls put on their beautiful dresses that Grandma made for them.
The congregation congratulating the newly Baptized. The girls rose to the occasion and behaved like royalty - holding their delicate hands out as if they expected the minions to kiss the gloved offering and demurely murmuring a royal thank you to each.

Taking the Gifts up to the altar.
Easter morning.

Come on in, cousin!