Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 more sleeps until we leave!

Chicka helping to decorate. Hey - we don't live in Hawaii!!

Andi and Elmer snuggling.

MissE and Chicka snuggling.

OK - now it is time for Dad and Chicka to snuggle!

IBoy "had" to open his Christmas present early. I didn't want to carry my Rebel AND a video camera, and his gift just happened to be a new ipod with video, so, necessity dictated an early gift! Somehow I don't think he was complaining!

Chicka and her friend at their school party.

Well, our bags are "mostly" packed and ready to go. We have out of town guests visiting, so the time is passing quickly.

Tomorrow we have our annual gingerbread making day with some friends, so that day will zoom by. Tuesday is MissE's last day of finals for the quarter and then we are off to go to my Dad's Christmas concert - he plays the trumpet. We will spend the night with my Mom and Dad
and they will take us to the airport early Wednesday morning!


Madeleine said...

I can't believe it!!

I can't believe it!!!

Awesome, I wish I was going at this time, too.

But alas...

I pray for a good journey and a beautiful Gotcha Day.

Lori said...

I'm soooo glad you are leaving SOON! Yay!!

Great pics!

Jean said...

Oh My! This is so exciting!! Who is going to travel with you? I am so excited to follow you journey!!
Thank you Jesus!!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Exciting times!!! Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Seriously.... SO SO SO excited over here for you guys. It's really here! YAY!! Love the "3 more sleeps". That's how we count it at our house too. ;) Will be praying for you guys every day and eagerly checking your blog! What fun! Hope you got the package okay for your darling little misses. love, Sarah H.

mumma to many said...

I am sure you will have an amazing time!
It will be fun! Fengcheng kids rock!
Hugs Ruth in NZ