Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Special 7

Look who is 7!!!!  Yup - it is Miss Zabi-Chu!  Although she looks less than enthusiastic here, it was a much anticipated event.  In fact, she was up and dressed, ready for the party to wake Dad up in the morning.  Ahem - the party was at dinner time.  Minor detail!

Blowin' out the candles and a special hug for Dad.

Ji-Ji snuggling on Grandma L (102 in a couple of weeks!) and Grandma J.
Sisters forever.  The two 7 year olds. Chicka is not too happy that she is still 6!  She only has another nearly 8 months to catch up :-(

What is more important here - a birthday girl, technology or a nap?

What????  I let my daughter use a real, sharp knife to cut vegetables with?  My daughter who is blind?????  Yup.  How else is she going to learn to be self sufficient?  Lest you panic, this was not a push the knife down moment, it was a feel exactly where the knife was on the carrot - hence the digits of the left hand in close proximity to the blade.  Don't all 7 year olds use a sharp knife?

Couldn't resist, I knew that your day would not be complete without enjoying a peek at my multi-ethnic treasures that I am blessed with each day.  Thank you, ladies!

Kinda like our family - all from the same original mold, all different colors, all yummy and cozy together!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snappy Fun

We have snappy fun, mama?

Yup, JiJi, we are going to have snappy fun!  I have no idea what snappy fun is, but it sure sounds good to me!
Eating chocolate can get down right serious!

Grandma and Topaz are having fun - I'm not sure I want to interpret the look that I'm getting from MissE!

The bucket head look.  Charming.

 JiJi's first project on her velcro board.  She was pleased as punch.  Snappy, don't you think?

Our new girl is so calm that we enjoy having her in for a visit.  Pardon the bed heads - no one was ready for guests quite yet.

This is the first time that JiJi has willingly touched an animal - she even held the hen for a bit.  I didn't notice until posting this photo that her little hands are busy exploring the chicken's feet while Chicka is holding it!  Yes, we did wash our hands well, thank you very much.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cool iPad Giveaway

Perkins WonderBaby
Enter to win a new iPad!

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Entering is easy. Just visit our iPad Giveaway Page and leave a comment or send us anemail. This giveaway will end on May 11th at midnight.
Here's what you could win:
  • The NEW iPad from Apple! This is the newest version of the iPad that was just released last month and it is being donated by Perkins School for the Blind!
  • A virtually indestructible GumDrop iPad Case. A good case is a must-have if you're handing an iPad over to a child. You can read our review of the GumDrop Case here.
  • The RadSounds switch-ready music app donated by RJ Cooper plus an RJ Cooper switch interface. This app turns your playlist into a musical game. You can play in Momentary Mode, where the music plays for only the time you hold your finger on the iPad, or Timed Mode, where the music plays for a specified number of seconds and then your child has to tap the screen to get it to continue. This app works great with a switch! Read more about RadSounds here.
  • Blue2 Bluetooth Switch for use with switch-activated apps donated by AbleNet. This switch is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and also ships with a USB Bluetooth dongle so you can use it with your computer, too!
  • Two more switch-ready apps donated by Inclusive TechnologySmarty Pants andFive Sharks Swimming. Smarty Pants is an app about emotions and Five Sharks is a counting app that starts simply but has more advanced settings for older kids. Both are accessible for children with visual impairments and both are switch-friendly. You can read our reviews of these apps here.
Good luck and remember, this giveaway ends May 11th, so enter now! Visit the Giveaway Page for full contest rules and ways to earn an extra entry.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh, How I Love Jesus

Many of you will recognize our friend, Linny, in this video. IBoy and I had the pleasure of meeting Linny, Emma and Jubilee two years ago in China.  One of those chance encounters with someone that you don't expect to see - especially halfway across the planet!  "wait a minute", as we were in the middle of a conversation - complete strangers conversation, two caucasian families adopting a chinese daughter at the medical clinc, "aren't you Linny??????"

Even though I have been following their journey of adopting sweet Ruby, I still cried when I watched this little clip.

I know that not everyone is called to adopt - I just can't figure out why people don't!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eggstra, Eggstra, Read All About It!!!!!

We have a grandson!  Yup - you know it now, too!  I'd like to introduce our handsome little guy to you . . . .

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Grandma makes some pretty girls some very special dresses!