Monday, December 7, 2009

"Gingerbread" Houses

Well, kind of. My friend with whom we usually do our gingerbread house construction and decorating with, and I, decided to try to make the houses out of rice krispie treats this year. Sounded cheaper and easier. Well, I think that I will go back to our tried and true gingerbread recipe next year. Not too bad, but somehow just doesn't have the same appeal.

We kind of ran out of free time and IBoy wasn't feeling on top of the world, so we decided to not get together with our friends to make the houses :-(
The girls hard at work. And no, we don't eat Honeycomb cereal - I bought it to decorate with. Right.
Not sure who is helping who here. Looks kind of like a brawl is about to erupt to me!
Ah, excuse me! Candy houses are NOT for eating - what are you THINKING?????

Our bags are packed and ready to roll tomorrow! I had a brainstorm to sandwich 4 suitcases into 2. A great big suitcase with a big suitcase inside it times 2. Then I just pack the stuff in the big suitcases. That way we can shop while in China and already have empty suitcases to fill!

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Madeleine said...


Not eat candy houses? What's the point?

4 suitcases into 2? IS that the deal?

I can't believe you are leaving!!! ( In a good way)

God Bless you on your journey! I hope you keep us posted.