Friday, December 18, 2009

Beautiful Poem


Majestic and
strong is the stag who stands near the river
His antlers a held high his eyes a rich and golden brown
His fur so silver a blade in the night
He stands near a lamp post, illuminated by it's light

The air is cold here
One couldn't shed a tear
Rain turns to snow as it falls falls falls
It seems Christmas is hardly hear at all
A tall beautiful white women stands
A tiny little man with a wip in his hands

Then a flash of gold and light
I see a lion so powerful and might
A mane so rich and shinning gold
A powerful lion before me standing oh so bold
I feel fear as his eyes fall upon me
But I feel a rich warmth when he smiles gently
Because I know what He has done for me
A table made of stone
Every drop of blood- every broken bone
Was laid down so I may live
The Witch has gone, the Evil has fled
All my sin is shone in the blood that was shed
But he stands before me alive
A Lion Who has Conqured Death
Oh How Amazing is The Love of Christmas

By Sofie
AGCI Bulgaria Adoptee

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