Monday, December 21, 2009

More of Monday

Spurting mosquito medicament. Hmmmmm. I kept saying when we checked
into the Victory that it smelled like bug spray and sure enough, the
next day this sign appeared next to the elevator doors!

We had the pleasure of dining with a group of awesome adoptive
families at the Cow and Bridge last night. Please forgive any
misspellings or accidental omission of names - The Kambergers, Linny
Saunders & daughters, The Belks, Victor & Carina & son and a family
from Texas - he is a pediatrican - and their family. We occupied two
of the very large round tables and had a blast visiting and eating
great food. A couple of the families had already left when we took
the pictures of the kids outside :-(

I had a little scare yesterday, actually two of them. We were
filling out the last of the paperwork and a copy of both parent's
passports is required. Fine for mine, but somehow ALL of my copies
of both mine and DH were taken in Nanchang, where they were also
needed. Fortunately, Nanchang was able to fax a copy down to us with
only a little inconvenience. We wouldn't have been able to move
further ahead with getting Zabi's visa with out it!

Then I had to call to confirm our flights. Uh - oh - "no, you are
not listed on these flights". WHAT????????" They had to "research"
the problem and call me back. Yes, we are coming home!

8 AM here now and IBoy/Zabi are snoring still. Nice to be able to
let them sleep in for once!

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Lindsey's mom said...

I am so happy for all of you! Jesse is wanting to go to the zoo in Gz! Merry Christmas!!!