Thursday, December 17, 2009

From America with Love

Hey there everyone! This is MissE - one of the unlucky ones who had to stay home on this amazing trip! Well, even though we had to stay home, Chika, daddy and I are all having a blast. Okay, I half way take that back - I never knew how much work being a stay at home mom is! I've got my first taste of home keeping and child rearing - in the usual, crash course kind of way. Fortunately, I've managed to keep the house from burning down again (though it's been a close call a few times...) nor turned it into a pig-sty and let the little one run off and be raised by coyotes (sp?). Though, again, it's been close. However, I could not convince her that Halloween was over: 'I Jesus, Shiba!' Then she picked up a teddy bear, held it gently, and suddenly 'I Mayee (Mary) Shiba! See, baby Jesus!'

Anyway, this morning started off like the mornings usually start on the home front nowadays. My darling mei mei dragged me out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:30 (I know, I know - but not only did I go to bed at around 2 in the morning, it's Christmas break for heavens sake!) and downstairs for a round of Veggie Tales (mainly just to keep the little imp occupied so I can snatch another half hour of sleep).
Amid doing other things, like taking blurry pics of eachother with the latest piece from the paper chain mom and Naya made for the countdown to Zabi's homecoming on our heads....

We mozied through the day until almost lunch time, when I realized that I kind of desperately wanted a shower.
Like, now.
So I hop and skip off to my daily ablutions, with kiddo yelling at me to 'don't leave me! Take short showa! I wuv you SO much!' and me assuring her all of these things would either be or not be done and that the sentiments were returned. After I was once more dressed, I hear a polite little knock. There's my little Chickadee, standing there and smiling prettily up at me, asking me if she could 'please come ina bafroom wiff Shiba?' Well, after such a nice ask, could I really say no? So in she comes, and starts sorting through my makeup bag. Inside she found my ruby red lipstick (which was bought expressly for giesha makeup for Halloween - but that I liked so much that I actually use it sometimes) 'Oh! Shiba, wipstick?! Put onna me?' So I oblige her and carefully apply this lipstick. Chika, being Chika, instantly wants a picture taken.
You Shall Not Pass! Also, pwetty wed wipstick.

Unfortunately, we immediately had lunch (fresh crab in a bowl with noodles and various veggies - yum!) and as soon as she saw her napkin, she instantly turned to me 'uh oh! wipstick, all gone!' Yes dear, the lipstick is all gone.

Anyway, that's the news from the home front - nothing too exciting, but we're learning how to get along. And even though we're having fun, I gotta say it - Mom, Iboy? WE MISS YOU!
And of course, we can't wait to meet little miss Zabi.

God bless!

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