Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday McSalsa

OK - girls are still eating, but this was such a huge hit, I thought I would share it with you.  Because I knew that your life wouldn't be complete without trying it, too!  Yeah, right.

No photo and more importantly no measurements.  Not really that kind'a gal - just throw it together until it looks/tastes right.  Usually works, sometimes it doesn't (but don't tell on me).  This one worked.

Here goes - and please, if you try it, could you let me know what you think?  Well, at least be kind about it, ok?

can of black beans
can of corn
slivered almonds
dash of salt

The girls thought it was hilarious fun to eat dinner with a chip instead of a fork or spoon!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fungi Frivolity

Or some such thing.

Seriously - in my bathroom?

I noticed what I thought was some sytrofoam - something like that spray stuff that you squirt and it fills in a hole - sticking up out of the lip of a planter.  I couldn't figure out what it was, and likely blamed it on lovin' hubby doing something.  I plucked part of it out, couldn't get all of it - it even felt like styrofoam - and threw it in the trash.  End of story.

Two days later, as I was stepping out of the shower, THIS caught my eye.  Say WHAT?

No, I don't keep my flosser in the lip of the planter.  I just put it there so you could see what size those mushrooms grew to in two days!

So now my question to you is . . . . . . what are these things and where did they come from?  Should I nibble on them?  NOT!  If I did that, I might be seeing rainbow colored bubbles sittin' in that tub you see peekin' just below the planter.  Or worse :-(

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pickersfest Bluegrass Festival

Ha!  I guess we have been tagged!  A woman asked if she could take some pictures of us while we were enjoying some great music the other night.  I promptly forgot about it and never realized that she had been snapping away!

A Meatball Sleeve

 I didn't even know that Zabi had a camera in hand, but she perfectly captured JiJi taking her first "look" at an earthworm.  She was more enthusiastic than I thought she would be - not squeamish in the least, but not overly thrilled, either.  I noticed that she stuck her hand in the pool water as soon as I put the worm away.  She didn't want to hold him in HER hand, either!

"Yes, Mom - my (sweatshirt) sleeve has a meatball.  I can't fix it."  I had to laugh when I actually looked at what Chicka was talking about.  What a great description of a sleeve all bunched up within itself!

What????  You don't have any cocoa krispies in your cupboard????  Throw a spoonful of hot cocoa mix on the top and stir it in - they'll never know the difference!

The hummingbirds are groovin' over my fuchsia this year.  In fact, sometimes it feels dangerous to walk around it - they come dive-bombing in from all directions!  Yesterday there were three of them zooming around it, but I only managed to capture two at a time on the camera.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

We were lucky enough to be able to join family at camp again this year for some fun over the 4th.  The weather was chilly in the morning and evening, but beautiful during the day - what more could you ask for???  Sun, cousins playing together. . . . 

big brothers and Papa's to row the boat and swing you, 

 great decorations . . . .

chilly water to play in and sisters who are patient enough to help you explore the water for the first time . . . .
creatures waiting to be found . . . . . 

bonfires and good food that even 102 year old grandma can enjoy, even though she can't hear much of it . . . . . . .

balloons to chase and fireworks so loud that they might blow your ears off - NOT!!!, but one can never be too careful! . . . . .

 AND another birthday!  Yup, the Mama rolled over another year and had help blowing out the candles (please be kind and not only ignore the stylin' hair on both of us, but the wrinkles and lack of make-up, too.  Please).

Really, my darlin' mother-in-love - I do NOT need that extra candle that you added to my cake!

By order of a daughter, I had to model the lovely gift of flowers from my garden.  Charmin'.  bletch!

For honest-to-goodness loveliness, Miss Polly-Mops, our grand daughter, for your viewing delight!

Friday, July 6, 2012

In Tandem

We have discovered a fantastic foundation which assists families in obtaining tandem bicycles for vision impaired/blind children.  I have spoken with Eric, Garrett's papa and he wants to help us fundraise to get our JiJi a tandem bicycle!!!

click below and it will direct you to our sweetie's spot - her real name is listed, for those of you who don't know it, her name is Adelyn.

click here (well, just below here!)

Eric has asked me to let you know the following - 

When you email people please ask them to also 'Like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We also have a really crazy fundraiser coming out, but I'll email you about it later.

People can also send checks directly to the foundation at:

Rush-Miller Foundation
301 N. Main Street, Suite 304
Pueblo, CO 81003

We are a 501 c 3 non-profit so they will receive a tax receipt. 

Ride to Live!!!!


"When You're As Good Looking As Us...Hair Is A Crutch!"  -  Garrett, 2000"
The Rush Miller Foundation was formed in 2001. The foundation was inspired by Garrett Rush-Miller. At the age of 5, he developed a medulloblastoma (malignant brain tumor). The tumor left Garrett visually impaired. His parents watched their gregarious and out going son stay inside and refuse to go out and play. After reading an article about paralympic tandem cyclist, Matt King, they decided they needed to get Garrett a tandem bicycle.
They were shocked a the high cost of purchasing a tandem bicycle. Through the generosity of many friends and a surprise donation from an anonymous corporation the funds were raised for Garrett's bike. The bike's impact on Garrett was immediate. It was as if a switch had been turned on and old Garrett was back. All of a sudden he was the neighborhood hit.
It is the desire of the Rush Miller Foundation to identify other blind/visually impaired children who could enjoy the benefits of their first bike.              
For those interested in a knowing more about the history please click here to read the rest of the story. 
THE STORY BEHIND THE FOUNDATION                                                             

If you visit the Rush-Miller Foundation website and click on "waiting for a bike" you will see a photo of JiJi and directions on how you can make her dream of riding a bike come true!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Port Townsend

We were lucky to enjoy a few quick days between rain showers in Port Townsend this weekend.

To my knowledge, this was JiJi's first visit to a beachy environment, and she was busy sniffing and feeling everything!

IBoy's significant, cuteC, was even able to join us!