Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday in Town and a TurnAround!

What a difference a day makes! Thank you, Jesus, and praying friends!!!!!! We have ourselves a giggler, a teaser, and a mega-eater! Her first mamma came out today - she wanted to buy a sword, of all things! Another THANK YOU, Jesus - her file said that she had intellectual delays। NOT!!!!! Repaired cerebral palsey - huh???? NOT!!!!! We will have to visit the dentist/orthodontist and the eye specialist, but beyond that, perfectly healthy (of course it still would have been just fine if she wasn't - well, not for her, but we would be lovin' on her just the same, if you know what I mean!).

We visited the TengWen Pavillion today - beautiful, but very rainy and cold. Ian saw a group of young boys on a rip stick, so, of course, he had to ask if he could take it for a spin. The boys thought it was hilarious and will most likely be talking about the time the crazy American rode their rip stick for many years to come!

We hope to meet up with Mary Kamberger, who is in China adopting two children, and Angela from Beijing later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for all your comments and encouragements - I LOVE reading them all!

Blessings to all!



mumma to many said...

Rip Sticks are wonderful!
Hope all goes well for the rest of Nanchang!
HUgs Ruth in NZ

Jean said...

I don't know what a rip stick is?

So glad things are going well! Love following along!

Does Mary the person you are meeting have a blog? I'd love to see it!

Lori said...

That's wonderful news! So glad things are going so well!

Out Numbered! said...


We need lots of pictures!!!!!

The Things We Carried said...

Praise God! Donna, pictures please :)!

Amy and Amelia AiChun said...

Donna, Your Chuie is an angel! Congratulations and many blessings to you and your family.

Amy B in TX

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read your post, friend! God placed your sweet one on your heart so long ago... and now she is yours! Even with that unusual SN diagnosis, you stepped forward in faith knowing that no matter what you would trust Him. Praise Him for His faithfulness! SO excited to hear that you have a happy little miss on your hands and that you are having fun getting to know her HEALTHY little personality. Gotta love the giggles! What a great testimony to others following along.
Continuing to pray for you guys!! love, Sarah H.
PS- unfortunately, pics aren't showing up today- maybe tomorrow?

Lindsey's mom said...

So glad tings are going well!! The photos are GREAT!!!!! I see photos...:)