Friday, January 6, 2012

Workin' on Stilts

We have a pair of stilts in the house - actually designed for a person 4' 6" or taller.  Not to worry - my girlies have figured out how to use them anyway!  Zabi tried and tried one afternoon to master them despite the odds - and she DID!  Chicka is trying to catch up and JiJi refuses to be left in the dust!  Too much fun!  I think that I have attached one video, but the other one is too big - I'll have to redo it.

We have added mini marshmallows to our dried bean/pea/rice play mixture.  Two girls are blindfolded when they play with it - the challenge is to seek out those overly stale marshmallows only using your fingers - harder than it sounds!  Zabi has some significant language/speech challenges, so she is rewarded with eating her marshmallow when she says "I found it" instead of "I find it".

We have also been listening to and playing alot of music - all kinds - recorders, guitars, zylophones, piano - and all styles - from rock to classical and everything in between.  When I asked JiJi in China if she like to dance, she paused thoughtfully and then answered, "I gave that a try once, and it just didn't work out for me".  Guess what, our little one LOVES to dance the way we do - crazy dancing with a ton of laughing!  Who says you have to dance in one particular way, anyway?  If she is anything like her elder siblings, she will be swing dancing in no time, anyway!

I am so delighted and grateful to be a Mom.  I learn new and different things with each child.  To see our youngest daughters blossom from neglected, underdeveloped sweet peas into happy, healthy and rambunctious individuals, it makes my heart soar.  Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to be a part of your precious souls' lives.

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