Monday, January 16, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Our newest little sparkly princess falls out nearly every day still.  Until last month, she was used to having a nap every day, which we are trying to faze out.  In the middle of dress up time yesterday, I came into the room and found her sound asleep on the floor, her legs tucked under, all warm and cozy.  Do you see her hands folded so sweetly, too?  Melts this mama's heart.

Everytime I look at this dreamy photo, though, I think of all the other princesses and princes just waiting to sparkle with a family of their own.  Won't you consider helping just one sweetie find their family?  Don't just think about it or wish you could, DO something today!  Please, if you don't have any idea what to do or where to start - ASK me - I'll help you find a way.  Prayerfully, monetarily, action - there is a way for you to help!


Anonymous said...

Praising Jesus your little princess is HOME!

Sarah said...

How precious! I love this little girl so much and love that there has been such a transformation in her life in just the few short weeks since we were in China.

Jean said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

So thankful your dear child is HOME!
Praying for more to be able to come home!