Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot out of the Henhouse

OK, class, meet your new teacher!  Since her sisters all wear glasses, JiJi figured she should wear some, too.  She was prouder than punch when I noticed that she was wearing MY glasses!  Somehow, I simply cannot get enough of her smile - I eat it up as fast as she dishes it out!  I wish all of you could experience her first hand - suffice it to say that she exudes sweetness in her energetic little body.  My weeks away from being 7 years old, 38 pound, 43 inch tall princess, who is lucky be able to hold up a size 2 undergarment!

Who knew learning symmetry could be so much fun?  Again, you have to know this Chicka to experience the full creative vivaciousness of her sweet, sensitive personality.

Our snow flake experiment with a borax solution worked! Somehow, ours didn't turn out particularly symmetrical.

After a hard, cold day, 3 of the girls decided to take a snooze next to the heater.  Oops - busted by Soni.

JiJi's new job - folding the napkins and setting them on the table.

Remember less than a month ago when I posted that she would rip any clip out of her hair as soon as I could put it in?  What does this girl now ask for each and every morning?  Her pony, of course, complete with a bow that she chooses each day!  It even stays in ALL day!  That's my girl!

We learned how to identify quadrilaterals today.

And now for the piece de resistance - my henhouse - or to be more precise, what I found IN my henhouse.  

I was ecstatic when I went to see my girls today.  My Maran's are laying!!!!!  Aren't they gorgeous?  Why had I never heard of this breed before???  My Maran rooster is as calm and gentlemanly as they come, and oh, so handsome!  Breakfast for a select few of us tomorrow is going to be fun!  Hmm - how to select?  First come, first serve?  Draw names?  You make it, you eat it?  What?  I have to share?????

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