Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ready, set GO!!!!

My little girl just counted nearly to 100 in ENGLISH!!!!!!  She had a few that she got mixed up and each new ten she came to, she did the typical thing - 20 10, 30 10, instead of 30 or 40, but she rattled them all off!!!!

She also sings the ABC's in English and I counted them - she has over 60 English words that she uses every day - unprompted and completely in the proper spots!  She is learning SO fast - it takes my breath away!

Sorry guys - I just had to brag!  Hope you can put up with me!  For those of you who saw my sweet JiJi in action while still in China - you KNOW what you saw and I am telling you - she is NOT the same little girl.  The spunk is there, but well directed and I swear, that smile does NOT leave her face!

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Melissa said...

I knew it would happen, But Who knew it would be this fast. She is an amazing little girl. I love that you share her with us.