Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hard at Work Relaxing!

Nothing too exciting to report.  Hmmm - maybe that is a good thing!

JiJi had her first optic exam.  Fortunately we were blessed with an interpreter because she had an ultrasound done on both of her eyes.  Our awesome doc was not entirely pleased with the results and wants to have a more thorough exam under sedation, but this is what we know for now.

Her right eye is in a process of atrophy - it is dying and shrinking. Her left eye has no optic nerve and has something protruding from the interior of her eye - poking up, showing a small marble size bump.  There are also vitreous clumps throughout the eye.  I really don't know what all this means yet - no doubt I will become proficient at all these new terms soon enough.  We do know that she has zero light perception and vision.  I have to laugh, though - everyone who meets our sweetie asks if I'm SURE that she is blind - she gets around SO well and doesn't let ANYTHING stop her!  That's my girl!

Dad is at work today, the bigs are off to an overnight party with their friends and the littles and I are going low-key. We plan to be fast asleep long before the clock strikes 12!

Here are a few snaps of fun over the past few days.

That shirt says it all - even with a chocolate smudged mouth!

Zabi really is enjoying her legos from last year.

We sang ABC alphabet song while JiJi scribbled on her brailler.

Always a fav around here - multiple textures with a variety of scooping/transferring utensils into a receptacle over and over and over again.

What would a post be without a Chicka pose?  You can't see the gleeful grin on her face, but it is definitely there!

Everyone wanted to dress up today, and then take advantage of a break between rain storms to visit the goats.

Lovely fashion statement, girlfriend!  The binocular accessory is a bonus statement.

Now you're talkin'!  Droopy wings, though.

Now that you've had a peek at our doin's, or lack thereof, let me know what you are up to before we get back into schedules and appointments!

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Julie said...

Happy New Year! I found your blog via Laura glad you're home! I've thought of you often as we've weathered 1 or 2 (or more, ahem...) "transitional moments". Glad to hear things are going well.