Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

"WHAT?????  It is ok to bring the teeter totter INTO the house?????  OK, mama!!!!!"

IBoy headed to his first EMT class.  He was selected from a large pool of applicants to receive a scholarship to pay for the course.  Great!  HOWEVER, that means he is carrying 19 college credits for his 2nd quarter of college plus his Fire Academy class each morning that earns him additional college credits through the high school.  Heavy load for him, but he is determined to make it work!

Our first crop of mushrooms - a gift to Papa from IBoy and MissE at Christmas.  They were delicious!

The girls came up with the idea to tie the scoots together to form a train and then take turns pulling it.

Yes, he is actually walking on the stilts with JiJi on top! There is Joanie on the left of the photo - you can see how high up the stilts are!

We managed a pony-tail!!!!!  She is quite proud of it and doesn't try to pull it out - yeah!

Chicka actually got this coat on.  She is 6.  It is NOT a stretch fabric.  The sleeve on her arm was so tight that it caused the lower part of her arm to swell up and we had a dickens of a time getting it off of her.  IBoy had to stabilize her shoulder and wrist so that I could tug it off.  She had the stretch pants that match the coat on, too.  The waist came up to her knees, which caused her to walk around with her knees pressed together.  It was SO funny I couldn't even think to take the photo of her IN the clothes!

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