Monday, July 13, 2009

This and That

Nothing spectacular has been happening around here. Our schedules have been a little different with 99 year old Grandma temporarily staying with us. Sorry if it is a boring post!

Grandma kind of likes watching the graphics twirling on the computer while classical music plays!

Grandma gets her hair done - I think that Chicka was pretty interested in the rollers!

Grandma gets the vegetables ready for dinner.

Chicka gets the table set.

I thought that I would get a hat crocheted today. Hmmmm - is this how you do it Mom???? Thanks, Chicka!

I don't know if you will be able to hear Grandma above the darned dog, but she got SUCH a charge out of Soni trying to get the fireworks! She thought that I was taking a picture of the fireworks, but we were all enjoying watching how much fun SHE was having!


Jean said...

Grandma is too cute!! I love old people!! Not that I'm saying grandma is old or anything- it was just a random statement!!

Great video!!

Lindsey's mom said...

Great post. Still no LID :(. I am not that patient. :)