Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another New Skirt!

OK - I have to share another new skirt! I made it from a pattern purchased from She has some awesome patterns and is a very talented seamstress!

Again, this one is for sale, if anyone is interested. It is a size 3.

This one is NOT for sale. I found this at a thrift store. Dress, shoes, necklace and belt for $12.99! I had to take the bodice in at each side because when I put it on, I created a show for everyone through the armholes! Unlike a bloggy friend who went to church with her dress around her waist with just her bra for a top!!!!! Can you imagine??? Of course I won't mention any names!

MissE hard at work with her garage sale finds.


Lori said...

That skirt is DARLING!

Mom Of Many said...

LOL! You can mention my blog and me anytime you want.

Can you believe I did that? I still shake my head and break out in a hot flash! I mean, at my could I have not noticed? Probably pushing the wheelchair and carrying a 2 yr old and holding hands with a 3 year old...

And truly, I really thought to myself, wow, lots of men near the doors, where are all the women? Can't remember ever thinking that before....but it just struck me as odd that day. So embarassing!

Someone said, "I can't believe one of the men didn't tell you." Ummm, like what man wants to tell his pastor's wife that?

Anyway, it will be one of those stories that we laugh about for the rest of our lives, right? Our children can tell their children and then our grandchildren can tell our great-grandchildren and on and on about their crazy Nana who came to church 1/2 naked and she was a PW.

Anyway, love the skirt at the top of the post! So very, very sweet! Great seamstress you are!

Happy Saturday! xo

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

FABULOUS skirt! Love that pic in the dress! LOL!

Lisha said...

So cute!! I like the first baby dress!! It looks really great and fantastic...