Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Switching Places

Since Grandma has been temporarily staying with us, she has been using the master suite for her room. It is the only bedroom on the main floor. At first we were bunking with IBoy - he has a futon under his loft bed, but we chose to put some foam mattresses and sleeping bags in a separate alove of his room. Sleeping on the floor kind of got old after a couple of nights. So we moved. To the guest room up a separate set of stairs from the main upper level.

Hmmmmm. We are actually kind of liking it up there! We are even considering switching it to our permanent room! The one thing that I don't particularly like about this house layout is that our bedroom is right off of the front door. You walk in the front door and you can choose to go through the double glass doors on the left to the living room, go up the stairs to the kids bedrooms and bathroom, down the hall to the kitchen/den/laundry or an immediate right into the master bedroom. If you are on the front deck, you look right into our room. We are thinking of turning our bedroom into a guest room/play room/family room and moving into the guest room, which is kind of set up as my sewing room now.

There is a deck through the sliding french doors.
Yup - this BIG bed is where hubby, Chicka and I all sleep. Add insult to injury? It is an inflatable bed! I think if we switch, buying a real bed will be the top priority!
It has a 2 burner/sink/refrigerator unit. The bathroom is behind that wall - no tub, just a shower. The small window that you see is on the landing - you turn left to go down the stairs to the utility portion of the house.

If we do the switch, I will need to get busy on the decorating scheme - any ideas????


Lori said...

Oh I love that idea!! It looks so spacious and yet still cozy! I say go for it! Paint it a warm color and maybe add an area rug to break up the space a bit. What a fun project!


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