Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Since I am usually the one taking the pictures, you are lucky - you don't get to see my mug! Well, since it was my special day today, I was the one on the other end of the lens! Don't laugh too hard - or worse yet, get sick on my account!

Thanks to all - it was a great day!

How old am I now? Still 7 months younger than hubby! But how old? Well, older than 28 but younger than 60 (but not by much!).

MissE and Grandma (99 years old and going strong!)

Traditional shot - can't escape it!

MissE sent me on a hunt to find my gifts with clues all over the house. SoniDog even helped! Hubby honestly could not believe that I actually wanted an ironing board! He kept calling people to make sure - he thought that if he gave me one it would be a cruel joke - kind of like giving me a bowling ball with his name on it! It really was what I wanted!

Unfortunately I cut my finger while I was opening it. I'm a lucky momma and my girls put a bandaid on it for me! Honest truth!

Now if I can just find the camera that I want at the right price, my birthday gifts will be complete!

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Lindsey's mom said...

Happy Birthday! Perhaps a late bday present will be your LID!! And mine as well :)