Tuesday, March 20, 2012


THANK YOU, ALL for your continued prayers for my friend, Denise.  Here is the update that I received today -

She woke up and can move her arms and legs.  Arms still a bit weak, but getting better by the hour.  Pneumonia is better.  She is still on vent but is alert and can indicate yes and no by nodding her head.  She really hates the breathing tube, it is very uncomfortable and tends to cause gagging and coughing paroxysms.  She will hopefully come off the vent and tube later this morning.  She has to pass 2 breathing tests before they will remove it.  She is restless and wants to get up and go.  Really great progress in the past day!!!

I am headed north to visit her tomorrow, please keep her, her family and the medical staff in your prayers.

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Louise Fugier said...

Donna, which Denise is this? Denise Graham Swanson?