Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are YOU my Mommy????

As every adoptive parent knows, once you have adopted, adoption is part of your life.  Although I don't believe that any more adoptions are in our future, I am passionate about orphans finding their forever families.

A sweet little face popped onto my radar recently via a photo of my daughter with a former care taker at the orphanage.  I enquired about her status and found that she is still waiting for her mama and papa to discover her.

Here is her information exactly as it was sent to me - the NOTES are my additions:

Long Ping Yun was born on August 16th, 2003, and came to the institute in March, 2004. So she has been living here for almost 9 years. She got funnel breast (NOTE:  the caregiver means tunnel breast - sometimes called bird or pigeon breast) when she was born, which affect her movements. And she had to wear a special clothes to fix it, which I don't know how to say in English.

She is the 2nd student from the left in the front row of the classroom photo.  She is the child at the back of the trio - the caregiver is in the center and my daughter, JiJi is in front.

I noticed that her eyelids weren't fully open in the photo with my daughter, so I asked the caregiver if she has an eye condition called ptosis - where they lack the muscle to raise their eyelid(s) - two of my daughters have this - no big deal.  I also asked about her cognitive level.  Here is the reply that I received:

No, she doesn't have ptosis. It's trichiasis, which easily causes eye irritation.  (NOTE: one of my daughters has this - again, not a major surgical procedure.)  Last year she had an operation on that. But it seems kind of strange. As for her mental acuity, she is slightly lower than normal. She is one of  the few children who can distinguish colors,and count numbers at the institute. She is fond of drawing and now  she is learning to play piano, though she does not make big progress.

Is Ping Yun YOUR daughter?


Anonymous said...

We are adopting Ping yun. We recieved PA and are are DTC. I found your blog with her picture. My blog address is http://
I am having trouble placing comments on other blogs since switching to wordpress.

Anonymous said...

I searched your blog and cannot find an email address to contact you. I do not post personal information on my blog
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