Saturday, March 10, 2012


I knew that it was bound to happen.  Only a matter of time. The morning routine.
Brush teeth.
Patch on.
Glasses on.
What?  Glasses?  Where are MY glasses?

Yes, we had to scrounge around to find a pair of glasses for JiJi.  I guess we could have used an outgrown pair of prescription glasses - maybe tomorrow that will be what she wears.

She asked me yesterday if she could have earrings.
And big hair.

Please tell me individuality does happen!  No doubt they will all look back on this and laugh.

My mama's heart wonders though, do they so enjoy matching as a further reminder of belonging?

We'll never know.

Ahem - did you notice something missing from Chicka?  Yup - she lost ANOTHER tooth!  My, my - she just turned 6 and she is currently missing 4 teeth - it's a wonder she can eat at all!  And that isn't counting the other two that she lost and already grown in!  The tooth fairy is going to be broke - JiJi has lost 2 in two months, Zabi has one ready to come out any day, with a full new one already behind it.  Whew!

OK - off to the dump we go - the day's outing.  Fun (not!).

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