Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday JiJi!!!!

Yup - spit and all!  Best birthday cake we've ever had!

 She was only too happy to open gifts and bless us with her giggles and excitement!

The "sass"afrass 'tude.  Fortunately for all of us, this is NOT her personality - just a pose.  Such an awesome pose, though, that I couldn't resist sharing it!  She really is about to crumble into a giggle fit here, but you'd never know it!  Little Miss 7 years old and just barely on the scale at 40 pounds, 41 inches tall, with a toddler shoe size of 8!  We are loving on every single inch and ounce of yumminess!  She told me yesterday that she wants big hair and earrings like her sisters.


Melissa said...

Great job on the candles JiJi! Happy birthday hope they are filled with lots of love and happiness.

~Angela said...

Happy Birthday! So precious.