Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please Join my Prayers

The Power of Prayer

Please join me in praying.


My good friend, Denise.

We have been friends since we were 7 - yup that is, ahem, nearly 50 years now.

Her husband had to use the axe to get to her this week after she collapsed in the bathroom.

The medical staff can't figure out why she is not responsive.    There is no indication of a stroke.  No blockages.  No heart damage.

They tried to remove the ventilator but didn't.  She has pneumonia now but it is not getter worse.

That is all I know.  But it is scary.  My friend.

Please pray for her full recovery.  Pray for her family - her husband, her three sons and all the extended family.  Pray for the medical staff doing everything they can to bring this woman back to us.



Lori said...

Oh, that's so awful!!

I will be praying.

~Angela said...

Praying for Denise and all involved. Will pray for you too. I understand how dear a childhood friend can be.

Louise Fugier said...

I am so sorry, Donna. Please keep us posted. My thoughts & prayers to you & to Denise & her family!