Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update and Pies

First the important news - 
My friend, Denise, has not only left ICU, but she is now HOME!

She is wearing a pacemaker unit just in case her heart decides to go willy-wonky again, but she is with us and recuperating beautifully!

THANK YOU, God!!!!!

THANK YOU, friends, who have prayed for her over these past few weeks.

The WA State School for the Blind had some local bakery chefs come in and work with the kids to make some pies yesterday.  Even though JiJi is not a physical student at the school, we are still welcome to participate in any of their events, so we hustled our little tails down to town yesterday to join the fun.

Well, Zabi and Chicka had fun - JiJi did NOT appreciate the cold, sticky texture of the dough and wanted NO part of it!

We were able to bring the pies home and baked one up last night - scrumptious deliciousness!

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