Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding Day

Another LONG, BUSY day!
We went to the Consulate Appointment, only to find that one paper was incorrectly filled out, of course one that was notarized, so nothing could be finalized. I am assured that if I come back in the morning, it can be corrected and done in time for us to leave. Why it couldn't be redone while I was right there, I don't know. I am trusting God that He will orchestrate everything just right. We are scheduled to leave at 5 PM tomorrow evening in a van for Hong Kong, then fly from there at 8AM Wednesday morning!

Our van arrived back at the hotel and we jumped into a taxi with my friend Michelle to head to the wedding. We had no idea that it was over an hour away, past the next city and into the village

I am FAR too tired to try to write about each of the photos - I'll try to come back later and fill you in. So sorry! JiJi was naughty even to our friend, who has been her buddy this whole week. We had to excuse ourselves and apologize to the bride for her behavior. I am VERY much looking forward to being home and not on the go all day every day and hoping that a calmer environment will work to everyone's advantage with JiJi, herself included!

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dajmommy said...

We are your Oregon neighbors from Salem (actually Turner, just S. of Salem)....and down the hall adoptive parents here at the Victory, sharing in some of these adventures at the same time. Thought I'd stop by and say "hi" and share my blog with so we can keep in touch. Looks like we're on the same flight home so see you in Hong Kong. ~Angie J.