Wednesday, December 14, 2011

checking in

A huge thanks to all who are keeping us in your prayers - everything is fine, but we have NO time to be on the computer! We are either on the go or chasing Rosie-Posie. She is EXTREME BUSY!
We are headed to the orphanage today.
She is a joker - she asked my friend at dinner last night - "what are you eating?" Michelle told her. "What? Are you eating my fingernails, too?" and she asked Michelle's husband Tam, if he cooked the dinner. "did you cook with your socks on?" she is constantly making silly jokes to everyone around - I just wish I could understand what she was saying to people when we don't have an interpreter with us! Hmmmm - maybe I don't want to know!
One of the few moments she is quiet - sleeping!
The one and only attempt to put a pretty in Rosie's hair - it lasted as long as it took for me to take the photo!

We were adventurous - we ate grilled octopus tentacle and scorpions, but passed on the tarantulas.
The infamous chicken man who sells disgusting candies.

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