Saturday, December 17, 2011

photos and captions

Sorry guys - I can't get the photos to go in the middle of words, so I can't put captions.

Heidi and I posed with some of the opera people.

I also wanted to mention that JiJi pulled out one of her top front teeth sometime during a night - I have no idea where the tooth went, and honestly think that she may have eaten it! Our guide asked her and she said she didn't know!

At home - arm yourself and watch our little ball o'fire. She can head butt you faster than anything - right on the hip bone. Ouch. She also does something that may be trying to tickle, but she pokes all of her fingers straight into the soft spots of your belly or back - it feels like she is trying to dig your intestines out and then she laughs. NOT funny! Oh, yes - I have received a few hard kicks to the shins, too! Heidi has been pinched.

Nero and his parents and friends all say that she is VERY smart and clever and assure us that once she learns English, we can work on those behaviors to help her find more appropriate ones.

Thank you, dear Laura, for your scripture verses that you are praying over us. We really do appreciate it! Heidi and I have laughed over my calm voice to JiJi. What I really want to say to her does not come out - just some irritating, "now, now, I know that you are a good girl, it is time to show mama what a sweet one you are!!!!" gag! "listen, girlfriend - you will NOT act like this - you will sit on my lap quietly in a corner until you are done with this unacceptable behavior, and then we will go have some fun!" is what I would rather be saying, in a not too friendly tone! However, that will get us nowhere yet!

OK - off to breakfast and the Safari Park! Please continue to keep us in your prayers for patience and safety!

Blessings to all

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Anonymous said...

Bless you, sweet friend. May the Lord's patience and grace pour out of you... I've seen it in you and I know it comes naturally to you. :) You are doing great!
Glad you have encouragement from Nero's fam. Praying you are showered with sweet moments.
Have fun at the Safari Park. It's my fav place in China!! Hold a baby tiger for me! :)