Friday, December 9, 2011

Hong Kong

After a grueling 28 hour day, we landed in Hong Kong, reached our hotel and closed the door. Whew!
Our hotel is more than sufficient, but unfortunately located a good distance away from the places that we want to visit, so we are becoming proficient at buses and MTR (the local train system).
Yesterday's adventure was a walking tour of the famous bazaar's that everyone visits. We walked through temples with 8 day long incense spirals, we walked through the jade market, the markets with clothing, purses, shoes, paintings, kitchen utensils, toys, vegetables, meat, unknown plant/animal pieces with unknown uses - medicinal? food? I really don't want to know?, the goldfish market, and so much more that I can't even remember!
The weather is cooler than we anticipated, so we each had to purchase a coat.
Unfortunately, the curse that apparently strikes me each time I visit China struck again. Every time I travel here, just under the 24 hour mark, I become sick. I thought that I had beat it this time - I was feeling great. Then I asked Heidi if she felt the floor moving beneath her feet and was met with a puzzled look. Of course everyone was getting off of work at that same time, so we were miles away from the hotel amongst a throng of thousands of people trying to get home after work on a Friday night. I made it back to the hotel without embarrassing myself, but I held that plastic bag close to me, just knowing that I would have to use it at any moment. After several doses of Pepto and some much needed deep sleep, I think that I will be ok today. I am still a little dizzy and not as energetic/enthusiastic as I started out yesterday, but if history is going to repeat itself, I won't have a repeat episode for the rest of the journey.
I found myself, as I was walking the streets of bustling HongKong, searching the people for someone who is blind. How would my daughter look on these streets, excitedly chattering with her school mates, her cane tapping from left to right, acting as her eyes to give her the necessary information to navigate. I can see her upturned face, with that infectious grin, teasing her girlfriends about something that happened at school earlier that day. Skipping along with her free arm tucked through her best friends. But no. Not a single one. No. She is tucked away where no one has to see that she isn't perfect - according to them. Ha! They are the ones that are losing out on this deal. Her mama and papa are going to allow this little sprout to blossom and to show the world her perfection as God's creation. In two days. In just two more days, I will meet our newest daughter. I will finally be able to caress her, to kiss her, to hug her, to murmur mama loves into her ear, to laugh with her, to show her what a beautiful world God has given us. I will be able to learn from my daughter. To grieve with my daughter, the loss of the only life that she has ever known and to welcome her into her new life as a member of a family that cherishes her. Two days.

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Anonymous said...

BIG hugs to you friend! Beautiful post on the beautiful gift your newest daughter is. Waiting on pins and needles for more!! :)