Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sightseeing and Tantrums and the Tooth Fairy

Oh, yes. Tantrums. LOTS of tantrums. I really believe that half of them could be avoided if only I could explain to her that I'm not taking something away from her, just opening a bag or bottle, but no - she flies off the handle because she is not able to do it and then when I try to help her

Heidi got half a bottle of water exploded all over her and the taxi tonight when Miss wanted a drink. Oh, yes. And then a full fledged fit on top of it. Screaming, hitting, pinching. Fun.

 Of course it doesn't help when you have half a dozen (or more) Chinese women huddling around, offering bribes, condolensces, and whatever else they might be saying - I have no idea!
On the positive note, we were able to visit the Chen Family Temple and a Buddhist Temple yesterday.
Today our former exchange student, Nero, who has returned home to JiangXi, flew to us with his Mom and Dad to spend the day! His parents are delightful and were an immense help to us with JiJi. They talked to her so much and explained things to her that we could not

I do believe that today, although long and tiring, was the first "enjoyable" day we have had! We went on a boat ride through a canal system, similar to Venice, went to a market and found many unusual items to bring home (along with a ton of unusual stares, since we were in an area where no Westerners usually go)

The boat went in front of an open stage where children were performing a traditional opera.
We were treated to a traditional Cantonese opera Tea House where some of the performers were kind enough to pose for a photo with us crazy Americans. Finally we closed the day with dinner with a couple of Nero's Mom's former students. Amazing dinner full of items we never dreamed we would be eating, but were absolutely delicious! The dinner was frequently interrupted with rounds of "cheers" with a very good wine. I don't drink, but thankfully was told beforehand that it would be rude not to join, so I tipped my glass at each cheer and merely whetted my whistle and I guess that was enough!


Monty said...

Oh no! Our little Helen Keller is turning Heidi's Vacation into a Chevy Chase movie!

Anonymous said...

Who are those other people (besides Nero and Heidi) in the pictures?