Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smoky Basil Cheese

OK - here is a voting poll of a different sort -

I am over run with goat milk and making a fresh batch of cheese every day. The stand-by has always been Garlic Dill. We just tried Southwest, which was a hit. 

This batch is Smoky Basil - what do you think? 
I am considering Spiced Apple - perhaps a morning bagel spread?

Any combinations that you can think of?

Want to come to a sampling party?

What is this?  Two lovely ladies have come to my sampling party?  How delightful!  What a beautiful day this is!

Oh, don't forget to vote for JiJi and the Smart Brailler today!  Just click on the image of Marty on the right sidebar and you will be directed to the poll.  Please don't hesitate to post the link on your blog/FaceBook/whatever the rest of the social media options exist!

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