Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo

Well, Mr. Marty's flight home left today. Today is a spelling test, so prehistoric Perky (the "dumb" braillewriter) came out. Although JiJi was TRYING to make a sad face for you, she couldn't stop giggling!

Challenge. We are working in a little math on the spelling tests. Each correct word on the test earns a dime. I challenged the Loolies this week. If they could ALL get 100%, I would give them each an additional $0.25! Boy, that got them excited. They have been helping each other all week. We'll see how it goes in a few moments.

Of course the lesson doesn't end there.   We are keeping a class graph of how many correct spelling words are achieved.  They like to see the mountain peaks get taller each week!

Once they collect their money, then we trade. How many dimes do you need to give me for me to trade you $0.50? Do you have a nickel? How many coins do you need to give me to trade for $0.75? Heh, heh, heh. Then we go to the store, they see what their selections can be, dictated by how much money they have earned, choose the right amount, pay and make sure they get the correct change. Fortunately, our little country store LOVES to see the girls coming and they generally open a lane just for their transactions, so no one is hurried!

I will post a link tomorrow that you can select - it will take you directly to the voting page to cast your vote for the individual who will be selected to receive a Perkins Smart Brailler to keep. Of course I am hoping that you will vote for Miss JiJi, but gosh - EACH of those sweeties are deserving and worthy of the opportunity to have one. Apparently, one is able to cast a new vote every 24 hours, but I have been told that the voting process will only extend over a two week period at most - possibly less.

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