Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Thanks, Marty, once again! We made Bingo cards in Braille today! Using sticky stickers on plastic paper (I know there is an official name for this kind of paper - thermoform???) allows the player to keep track of their numbers without the frustration of pieces going all over the place. Plus, the stickers can be used for quite a few games before they loose their stick! Hmmmmm - now we need to braille up little papers that say N37 or B10 so JiJi can take her turn being the caller! I think that you can purchase ready to go Brailled Bingo games, but then your sweetie would loose out practicing all those numbers!


brittnar said...

I'm a teacher of students with visual impairments and I love when my students can lead the group during bingo with the Excalibur talking bingo caller. we use the blue plastic bingo cards from ls&s. I encourage all the kids to think of rhymes when calling the numbers. "quick, it's on the run, it's b 1!".

Chino Moreno said...

Been playing online bingo with 12BET but sometimes I miss playing bingo with real cards on my hand ahaha

Anyway, what do you called on that cage? Looks cool!