Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet Janelle!

Hi, my name is Janelle, and I love to contribute my milk to make yummy cheese!

Miss JiJi named this goat after her beloved buddy from camp this summer.  Yup, she loves the both to the moon and back!

After milking, and a few other small steps, the thickened milk is placed in cheesecloth and allowed to drain.

12 hours later - yummmmmmmy!  This is some of the garlic and dill batch - usually the fav.  If you have ever tasted goat products in the store - PLEASE don't think this tastes anything like that.  We tried some from the store, and without being graphic, it made us want to run to the throne!  YUCK.

Please take a moment and make sure you have voted for JiJi today - The McNew Family - is how it is listed.  We are sadly near the bottom of the pile.  Consolation - I know that whichever child ends up winning - they are well deserving of such a fine piece of technology!

Dona Nobis Pacem

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