Wednesday, August 21, 2013

JMJ & Calgon, I need H.E.L.P.!!!!

Today began as most - a bright promise to a wonderful day, chatter, laughter, happy goats (after they were milked, that is).

And then. Just then.

Nearly 11 AM, girls hair is not yet combed, school has barely begun.

All I wanted to do was can a quick batch of pears before the day got away.

Well, I was stirring up some light syrup for the pears and the container that the syrup was in broke. Yes, sugar water pouring off the counter, behind the fridge, into the silverware drawer that just happened to be ajar. Cleaned up - not easy moving that durned dutch door fridge.

Ah - one jar short - I, of course, had to bring in one of those odd jars - the top was not a small or large mouth - somewhere in between. Trek out to the big barn to get one lousy jar.

On my way to the barn . . . . . What is this? Three tiny holes squirting water from the pool hose? Great - I just put new hoses on last week! Why is there only one plug in the pool bag? Search everywhere, finally find the missing plug in the new hose bag - yeah, now why did I put it there?

OK - pears finally in the water bath, girls have actually begun school on their own and are well on their way to being done! I finally made it to the bathroom to brush my teeth - maybe that was the reason everything was going catywampus? Nope - undoubtedly THIS was the reason - 

how on earth did my necklace go down my sleeve, for goodness sakes?

Now.  We are NOT going to go into that dangly, flappin' in the wind stuff hanging under my arm.  If you value your life, that is . . . . .

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