Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camping Over the 4th

Pre-camping gardening at Grandma's. Zabi had found a ladybug and they were examining it before encouraging it to fly home.
MissE and this year's youngest cousin camper.
Taking advantage of the play tent.
Camping in July. Yup - I got that durned thing stuck! (kind of forgot to lock the hubs!)
How can so much cuteness fit into one little girl?????
Pony rides for all the littles was, of course, in order!
Children cousins,
Adult cousins.
Since Zabi is so very cautious around animals, I didn't think she would even try a horse - but guess what? She couldn't wait for her turn!
Ready to go to the barn for more animals. Yup - hick style - a lawn chair in the bed of the pick'm'up!
Not so sure about feeding a bottle to an animal that is bigger than me!
Yes, I even took the chicklettes out in the boat!
All of us girlies sported matching bandanas for the 4th!
IBoy came home from Bible Camp just in time for fireworks!
Chicka couldn't get enough of the sparklers!
Zabi wasn't wild about fireworks. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her this far, and half of the time, she would panic and throw the sparkler down. The big booms and bright lights on the "big boy" fireworks were overwhelming for her. As long as she was cuddled firmly and my hands covered her ears, she pretended to enjoy the show. She sure has been talking about them each day, though! Maybe next year she will be a little more enthusiastic! Of course, the "shotgun" wasn't about to be put down for anything!

Even the goats, Boo and Frankie, were able to join us camping!

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Madeleine said...

What a great 4th of July!!

I love popping in here and seeing your babies! All of them, even the big ones! :)