Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

What wonderful weather this year for my birthday!!!
I received a lovely gift of two propane fired lamp lights for my courtyard! This photo didn't work too well at night, but the flash ruined it!
I refused to pay any money this year on gardening stuffs, so I scrounged and recycled some old items to make a little water garden. I think that I will have to pay for some goldfish, though!
Zabi thought it was hilarious that we were singing to me - not her! Sorry that I didn't dress up for you guys, too. Sorry to say that we celebrated after I had worked outside ALL day. Might I remind you that it was over 90 degrees, too!?! No putting on my face, either :-(
Sorry - all the greenery was just planted, so it isn't very full yet!
IBoy's new toy - a welder! Oh, the plans I have for this new skill!

1 comment:

Madeleine said...

OH! Happy Birthday!!!

And you look wonderful! The smile and joy os plenty to make you look beautiful!!

And I like the creativity. I need someone like you to help me to come up with 'creations for nothing" or close to nothing. I have NO creative bone in me. :P

Great pictures. :)