Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lovin' Summer

Ah, the warm days filled with outdoor activities. Yup - gotta love 'em - God has made some beautiful things that He has given us!
The side garden flowers are bloomin' ever so purty.
MissE and I have been working on a project. I'll tease you a little and show you how two of the three projects began and I'll see if you can guess what the final product is going to be!
We were sitting on the concrete pad painting to our hearts content, when MissE leapt about a hundred feet into the air, screeching that an ant had traveled to parts unmentionable. She raced off into the pole barn to give the little insect a hasty good-bye while I readied the camera.
HA! Caught her!
And of course, how could we get any work done at all without the two best helper/getter-in-the wayers on earth????
I've been able to fill in with a bit greenery in the courtyard and make it a little more inviting. Here is a peek for you from the front of the house andthen what you would see as if you were gently swinging on the porch swing, with an icy mint julep in your hand. Probably with a plate of fancy bon-bons next to you, too. You know - with all that leisure time that we all have each day.

Thought you might want to see a typical dinner table after Chicka gets done. Uh huh.
And you can't see the floor, or the chair, or the clothes! Guess where the dogs sit during dinner? Also, you don't see the face, into which some of that food actually manages to end up in the proper orifice. Yes, she loves her food!
Speaking of ugly - how do you like my toe? While we were swimming at the river I smacked that durn thing into a rock so hard that I heard a snap - just like when I broke my foot. It hurt SO bad. My makeshift splint didn't work so well, and it turns out that I just gave it a mighty bruise. Ahem - no comments needed about my "special" baby toe. Ahem.
I have no idea what kind of a beetle this is, all I know is that it is BIG!

Oh, yes. The project.
Any ideas of what crazy concoction we have come up with now? Never you mind about the height of a fashion statement I am making here. These are my workin' clothes, ladies! Course they also double for everyday clothes around the farm. I've even been known to run to the store in them thar' rags. Course it is a one hitch town - only store for miles around - you can git yur gazoline, movies, fried chickin' and them weekly newspaper things there. We even have an old town system of chargin' yur purchases at the store and gettin' billed once a month for 'em. Did I hear a cry of redneck???? Ha!


Kristi said...

I want to live where you do and have that view. And therefore daydream about actually having time to sit and eat bon-bons while enjoying it...

Betsy Jo said...

So, what was the finished product with the pallet?

56annmarie said...

Hi, I got your e-mail. It took me a few tries but i am in now.