Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday walk in an amazing 74.5 degrees - oh, yeah!

Just the girlettes at home today with me.

We decided to do an experiment. We planted some leek and bok choy seeds in hydrated, non-toxic silica gel, enhanced with a little fertilizer. Should be fun to see if it works, and to be able to see the roots take shape.
After naps (the girls, not me!), we decided to take a little walk down to the mailbox and back.
Yes, we always appreciate seeing the lovely tongue. NOT!
My allergies started pitching a fit, so it was a short walk.
Nonetheless, I was able to snap a few quick pix before retreating to the relatively "clean" air of the house!
The really, really long driveway UP hill!
Always admiring herself.

What a darn shame- best weather we have had for a long time, and I can't go out in it now!
You can just make out the tippity top of our roofline from the driveway at this point.

I did manage to do a summer clean in the trailer, so it is now ready to stock with food and clothes and take off for a great adventure. Ha - we'll be lucky if we sleep in it while it sits in the barn!

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