Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Tasty Dish to Set before the Queen!

A busy week. A really busy week. A really, really busy week! Thankfully it is FRIDAY!!!!!

Speaking of thanks - a special family who adopted their daughter from China at the same time that Chicka became part of our family, just received their TA (travel approval) today to come to meet their new son in China! We are SO excited to follow their special journey and to see their newest child in their arms!
Dad and his helpers moving the chicken tractor on the tractor.
The hens have been moved to the other side of the house and they now have a little bigger grazing area for a treat. Both pens can be moved easily to fresh new ground. The tire was just a temporary hold until the latches were put on the sides.
The Chicklettes 3 with cheeeeeeeze grins.
This is the tasty dish that was set before THIS queen today! MissE was kind enough to make us all a bite to eat while I was vacuuming the house! And NO, it isn't burned - it has just the right amount of flavoring!
No, I haven't dramatically changed my decorating style. I found this beauty at the antique shop for $5. Since when has something that was popular in the 1970's become an antique, I ask you? I put the tea kettle in there so you could see how nice and big this piece of lovely wood is. I hadn't had a chance to explain to anyone what I had in mind for this particular piece of art. Hubby was SO kind. He admitted to me later that he looked at it, puzzled over it's ugliness, and put it back. Several times. He promised himself that no matter where I chose to hang the monstrosity, he was NOT going to question my sanity, or complain about the hideousnous of it. Gotta love him! I about busted my gut laughing when he shared his secret with me! NO - I am NOT hanging it as is in my house. Not even in my garage!
And here it is in use! I think I already need to clean it better - the littles had fun drawing on it before I had a chance to hang it!
At first I had planned on painting the outside edges of it, but once the chalkboard paint was in place, I loved the contrast of the colors! Makes it a little more "rustic" looking too, don't you think?


Madeleine said...


I wasn't gonna say nothing when I saw that *painting*. lol

But you redeemed yourself/you taste in decor by the last past of this post.

You have a lovely view!! I am ever pleasing before our Maker to move my from this state. I am ready for something peaceful & lovely.

But alas, here HE has me. And here I will bless.

Good & funny post!

Madeleine said...

And PS, I don;t know of it is my computer or what, but I can never see your videos. :(

Lisa said...

What a cleaver idea for the chalk board...I just love it!

And your beautiful meal...perfect with a touch of color:)

I couldn't see you video either.