Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Joke's on WHO?

OK - I have to admit - the jokes that I played on the fam this year were tame. UNTIL . . . . .
This was a fun one to find!
No, not this - although everyone thought this was good - you can also write Who Goes There? hee hee hee!
This was kind of a dud. You put a leftover Easter egg dye tablet up under the screen of the faucet. It is supposed to run colored water when you turn the tap on. I think we might have a little drip action going on. Hmmm - I wonder if it will scrub out? I didn't think this one all the way through!
This was the beginning of the BIG JOKE. You see that rubber band wrapped around sprayer handle. Can you guess what happens when someone unsuspectingly turns the water on? I very sweetly asked hubby to bring me a sip of water while I was busy building the morning fire. Gotcha! Jammies and all!

IBoy came down and I very sweetly asked him for a damp paper towel to clean a mess up. Lucky, I guess - he was standing to the side of the sink when he turned it on.

MissE comes down. Dad asks her to get the girlies a drink, please. Wham. One change of clothes.

So, who got the short end of the stick?

I put the rubber band back on the sprayer to take the picture. MissE and I were discussing the merits of taking it off or maybe leaving it on and getting one of the boys again - yes, deviousnous must run in the family.

Mid conversation, MissE turns the water on to rinse out a pan. WHAM WHAM, a second change of clothes! We were laughing hysterically, and I do mean, unabashedly howling on the floor, with tears streaming down our cheeks! MissE comes down with a dry shirt on and we resume our discussion on whether we should take the rubber band off or not, while both of us thinking that, yeah - it will probably get us -

when she turns the faucet on AGAIN!!!!!! WHAM WHAM WHAM! She is now eating her lunch in a wet shirt as a reminder to NOT turn the water on, and the kitchen floor, cabinets across the room and oven across the room are now squeaky clean! Thanks, Miss!

Update: Just as I was about to press "publish post", guess who walked into the kitchen to rinse her lunch dishes??????? WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! Somehow I don't think that either of us are EVER going to forget this April 1st! Now, if the little girls will PLEASE take their naps - just ignore the screeches and howls coming from the direction of the kitchen!

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