Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil and Easter

Not bad for a first time egg dyer, heh?
All business!

During Mass.
Zabi being Baptized.
Chicka being Baptized. IBoy was holding her, as he and MissE are both girls' godparents. Very LOUDLY, Chicka yelled out "I want my momma hode me!!!!"

IBoy being Confirmed.
After the Baptism, the girls put on their beautiful dresses that Grandma made for them.
The congregation congratulating the newly Baptized. The girls rose to the occasion and behaved like royalty - holding their delicate hands out as if they expected the minions to kiss the gloved offering and demurely murmuring a royal thank you to each.

Taking the Gifts up to the altar.
Easter morning.

Come on in, cousin!

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