Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never Know What is Going to Happen Around Here!

Too true. Our life is a life full of surprises around every corner. Personally, I kind of like it that way - keeps me on my toes!

Ever since Zabi came home in December, and we discovered that she was DEATHLY afraid of dogs, life has been a balancing act. We have 4 dogs! She fairly quickly adapted and learned to really enjoy the 2 small house dogs, the 2 larger outdoor dogs would set her little body trembling like a bowl full of jello. She even had a potty accident when one of them got close to her. We kept trying to introduce her slowly, showing her how the dogs wouldn't hurt her - you know the drill.

Our good friend, J, who loves to come visit us for extended periods of time, happens to be blind. With a Guide Dog - a large lab. As much as we wanted our friend, J, to come visit us, we just couldn't see a large dog in the house with Zabi. Visits were postponed, J tried to arrange for someone to take her dog while she came to visit us, and the months passed with no visits.

Last week we decided that enough was enough and Miss Zabi would just have to learn to live with a large dog in the house. Wouldn't you know it. Zabi was instantly in love with Desi, the Guide Dog. Zabi loved her SO much, that we had to start limiting her time with the dog! She would pet her. Kiss her. Lay on her. Walk with her. Rub her. You name it. She would even sneak under the chairs to get to her! Go figure!

Since Zabi's 5th birthday is coming up shortly, J went on-line as soon as she returned home from her visit with us, and ordered a stuffed golden lab in guide harness toy for each of the girls. AND, a book that has both braille and typed words, so J can sit and read the girls a story the next time she comes for a visit!
Another forced smile shot - the girls decided that Desi needed to dress up like they enjoy doing. Kind looks like Desi is embarrassed and would rather be anywhere else at that moment!
Safe next to mom for a minute!
Working hard at school.
Look mom - I'm smiling!
On the way to homeschool co-op last Friday, we noticed a yearling deer laying just inside a neighbor's cow pasture at the edge of the road. Upon further investigation, she was injured to the point that she couldn't stand. Of course the neighbor, an old time rancher, pulled out the shotgun to take care of her. IBoy felt that we needed to do what we could to save her. We loaded her into the back of Mo (our trusty Suburban) and headed to town. We stopped at the Humane Society, who referred us on to a vet clinic that was part rehab for wildlife. After school, we stopped at the clinic to check on the deer, only to find that they had to put her down after all - her injuries were too severe for her to have a good chance at recovery :-( The other bad news was that during our trip to town, the yearling felt an urge to strong to resist. She left us a urine soaked carpet in the cargo area. Any ideas to remove the lingering, uh, ODOR???????


Lori said...

No good deed goes unpunished! Sorry...I don't have any solutions for your new stain. :( Bummer!

Love the story about the guide dog! That is precious! Zabi no doubt could sense that the dog was a helper dog and not a threat. Love that!

Faye said...

Okay... WHERE did you find (or where did "J" find) a stuffed guide dog in harness online? I'd love find one for Camille as a special treat when Daddy comes home with his new guide dog in July! Thanks!

TanyaLea said...

Neat story about the guide dog. Precious!

And look at you guys, all humane and all to bring that deer in for thoughtful. Sorry to hear it was too injured to recover, but glad it didn't have to suffer anymore. As for the newfound stain, I dunno...but I'd get it taken care of asap before it sets in too much. Check with a pet store...they often have some good products for that stuff, that just might help you out.

On another note, I want you to know I got your email/prayer request. Praying God works out the details for you, too. We are lifting you up. He is bigger than all of our concerns and troubles and He will see you through. Keep me posted. Pray'in!!


Carrie said...

Oh my, a Deer-no ideas here did you try pet stain remover????